The acid-base balance

Chemical processes take place in our body without a break. They determine our metabolism, muscle and nerve activity, the constant and critical construction and dismantling operations of cells. To make it as smooth as possible, these fine-chemical processes need to be in a consistent environment. These chemical processes can work in accordance only if the ratio of acids and alkalis in our body’s fluids and cells are in balance. Even a low fluctuation can lead to confusion or malfunction.

What is pH?

PH stands for “Power of Hydrogen”. The scale of pH level is extends from pH 1 (highly acidic) to pH 7 (neutral) through (highly alkaline) pH 14.

The degree of acidity of the body influences the composition of the protein molecule and membrane (cell walls) permeability. In addition, it is responsible for the effectiveness of enzymes and hormones and construction and operation of tissues between the cells. Particularly important is the consistent pH level of blood between 7.36 – 7.44 pH. The gastric requires an acid environment – between pH 1-3, the pancreas around pH 10, a case of alkalinity working best. The pH level of sweat is approx. 5, the stools around 6-7.

With the most ideal nutrition, a balanced lifestyle and proper physical exercises proper, we can help our body to have the best possible health.

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