What is your first thought when you think about your Body? Do you think about how you look or do you think about you feel? The two are strongly connected.

We all want to look great from outside, but it all starts from inside. Our body & mind are greatest miracle in the world, but you need to know that YOU are the magician! You make dicisions every single day, every minute! You make thousands of choices on a daily basis: what to eat, what to drink, whether to exersise or not. It is totally ok to make mistakes, we can’t know everything. Even the science doesn’t know a lot about how the human body works, but it’s not ok to make the same mistakes all over again. If you are on this website you have options to decide for yourself, if you are going to make some changes or not.

It is a simple choice: 

  • do you want to lose weight?
  • do you want to give you body everything it really needs?
  • do want to get better?
  • do you want to stay healthy as long as possible?
  • do you Really want to be healthy? 

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It’s ONLY up to you! I already made a decision! I’ve tried so many things I won’t even go into it. I was overweight and I had health issues. What I learned on my own is I needed to put my body in balance and for that I had to make some changes. I also realized that taking care of my body on a physical level it’s just one slice of the cake. I needed to take care of not just my body, but also my mind & soul & relationships.

Ohh…. and it’s not a one time job. It’s a lifelong journey!

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