Broccoli is almost 90% of the water, but it is filled with nutrients. A single bunch of this “flower” contains as much dietary fiber as a serving of healthy cereal breakfast and as much vitamin C as two medium-sized orange. The leaves are also eatable.

Alkaline BroccoliThe broccoli can also be known as the number one anti-cancer food, is full of sulfur compounds (for example: Sulforaphane, which has a noticeable smell of vegetables while braising). As a result our genes are beginning to enhance the production of specialized enzymes to neutralize carcinogenic substances. Sulforaphane also kills bacteria that cause ulcers. Broccoli is an excellent source of calcium and potassium, that’s why it is good for the bones and blood pressure. Vitamin C and beta-carotene content helps to protect eyes and brain cell from the damage of free radicals, also they help to prevent cataracts, and temporary or severe memory disorder.

The main nutrients of broccoli:





Folic Acid

Vitamin C

Tip: Choose a broccoli with dark green, burgundy or purplish-blue flower heads, because they contain more beta-carotene than the bright green and yellow varieties.

Best Tip: If you don’t like the taste of broccoli, simply try  Prevail Immune Boost, you will love the taste and children can also drink it.

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Alkaline Broccoli
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