Blog kép12The dance therapy is the psychotherapy’s so-called non-verbal, wordless method – verbal communication has just little role in it. The aim of therapy is that the patient could express through body language his emotions that he might not dare to say. With dancing the healing process begins.

The dance – usually to vocal or music, performed rhythmic movements – an ancient expression of humanity, probably earlier than the speech. The natural nations even today celebrate with ritual dance, greet life’s big events of the birth, the wedding; the dance is a part of the funeral ceremony as well. In case of diseases they dance for healing. There were religious, military, orgastic dances. In our culture dasce also plays an important role, for example wedding dances. We have all experienced how much tension dance is able to deduce. Many people like to dance: for example, “go dancing” is a pleasant relaxation in a disco. The danceis an escape from the daily routine. There are those who have special importance in the dance: think of Kazantzakis Zorba, tell his joy and sorrow with dance. The dance has also erotic charging, take for example the tango.

The dance therapy is mainly spread in America, the therapists need appropriate qualifications. The dance therapy with more or less results can be used in different neuroses, childhood autism, learning disorders or mental retardation as well.

The dance – is joy! The dance is closely related to the life of joy, happiness. It is no coincidence that the Greek “Choros”  means also dance and joy. Behind the dances there are always intense emotions.

Dance Therapy
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