carrotCarrots are powerful and very useful phyto compound.

Chewing a large raw carrot can cover the daily Vitamin A requirements almost entirely, but if we cook it, more nutrients our body can utilize. The myopia can not be prevented nor corrected with carrot, but the night blindness can, this condition caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A; carrots have benefits against cataracts, due to the fiber material lowers cholesterol. 

According to a USDA study, eating a cup of carrot daily, after three weeks already can lower blood cholesterol levels by 11%. 

Carrot for sunbathing: during sunbathing dangerous free radicals are released in our body, which accelerate aging of the skin. Vitamin A is essential for the epithelial cells, protects against UV rays, activates the pigments, makes the tanning faster and long-lasting. 

Carrot cleanse the intestine, strengthen the spleen and pancreas, improves liver function, stimulates excretion of waste materials, it has a diuretic effect. Rich in silica, as a result strengthens the connective tissues and enhance the calcium metabolism, it’s increasing the efficiency of fat burning as well.  Eliminates digestive disorders, including the excess acid in the stomach and heartburn and expels from the intestines the bacteria causing rot. Alkaline carrot also eliminates acidic blood conditions. 

The main nutrients in carrots: beta-carotene / vitamin B6 and C / dietary fibers.

Useful tips: select the darkest-colored carrots, because these contain the most of beta-carotene.

Why you should LOVE carrot?
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