Molecular Hydrogen is playing a leading role

in medical research these days.

Molecular HydrogenHydrogen constitutes 85% of our universe.

Scientists are focusing their research on Molecular Hydrogen due to the fact that it is a strong antioxidant, it has an inflammation reducing impact and it is effective in preventing over-acidity of our bodies.

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Molecular hydrogen as a preventive and therapeutic medical gas: initiation, development and potential of hydrogen medicine.


Japanese scientists have discovered that Molecular Hydrogen has proven to be the most efficient antioxidant. It is capable of reaching all tissues and cells – through biological membranes – brain tissues included, able to cross  the blood-brain barrier.

Our body is exposed to 100.000 attacks per second by free radicals and without a sufficient amount of antioxidants our cells are in danger.

It is well-known by now that aging is nothing but the destruction of cells and DNA caused by free radicals.

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