Recovery with HydroFX is unique in its composition of minerals.

HydrogenIt contains natural clean magnesium. A patented, biologically active redox mix, generating active hydrogen. After taking Recovery with Hydro FX tablets a chemical reaction takes place in our digestive system – a billion microscopic Molecular Hydrogen bubbles of negative charge are released in our body.

Given the very small size of hydrogen / 0,24 nanometer – 0,24 trillions of a meter /, it spreads all over our body within seconds, reaching every tissue, cell and element of cell.

As a result, hydrogen provides fast protection against the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Thanks to the size of molecules it provides protection both in and outside the cells. This includes the outer surface of the cell-membrane, the extra-cellular liquid, the plasma, the cells, organs and the outer surface of every tissue, brain tissue, too, the latter is reached through the blood-brain barrier. Other antioxidants are not in a position to overcome this obstacle. Unlike other antioxidants it is capable of diffusion in the cytosol, the diffusion of cell nucleus to DNA and mitochondrion where it acts as a protector. Molecular Hydrogen ensures the increase of buffer capacity of the inner environment and it keeps the optimal pH level of blood. The pH level of blood and other body fluids are kept in a narrow range – around 7,4 – by physiology. 

Hydrogen may offer a new and innovative solution in therapy where modern medical science fails to address serious health issues successfully.

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