The very first in the world, a hydrogen-producing digestible tablet,

a true scientific miracle. One of a kind, setting new standards.

 A unique mix of alkaline minerals that releases active hydrogen in our body. Most importantly, as Albert Szent-Gyorgyi puts it: “ not oxygen, but hydrogen is the fuel of life”.

Scientifically based and supported by clinical tests, Molecular Hydrogen is the most effective selective antioxidant.

Molecular HydrogenMolecular Hydrogen.                               Try Recovery Now

It gets through all biological membranes fast, and it can penetrate every cell, tissue, even the brain. It works as a selective antioxidant, neutralizing only free radicals of the most dangerous kind, while unlike many other antioxidants, it does not turn into a free radical. Measurements and tests confirm that Molecular Hydrogen restores healthy membrane tension of red cells and separates the cells clumped together, thus assuring better micro-circulation, eventually better brain, heart, lungs and kidneys function. Molecular Hydrogen has a good impact on healing chronic wounds and ulcers, bone and articular pains and it makes recovery quicker after surgeries.

It is a fact that hydrogen itself has a strong painkilling effect. It helps neutralize lactic acid in muscles, so it is especially promising for active athletes to achieve better results and to gain a faster recovery from inflamed muscles, tendons  and ligaments. Molecular Hydrogen can significantly delay aging as it increases cell hydration, restores the condition of connective tissues and has excellent antioxidant effect as well. Molecular Hydrogen launches an avalanche in our body, an avalanche of positive effects on health, experienced by each individual in their own way. To help the regenerating process start in the best possible way, it is advised that we use it gradually.

7.2 Recovery with HydroFX – it facilitates release of Molecular Hydrogen in our body, it acts as a new generation of antioxidants, it boosts the alkaline effect of all 7.2 products, strengthens alkalinity in our cells and tissues. It regenerates, hydrates and rejuvenates our body.  

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