What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word Abundance?

Money? Friends? Family? Health? To be honest, you can have all different kind of abundance! But the most common of course the financial security. When people say “money can not buy happiness”, I believe it’s true but at the same time it’s a totally misleading statement. Money is not for buying happiness, money is for securing your daily life, your lifestyle, to have less stress. I have never seen a person in full debt and being truly happy! Not having enough money it putting an extra stress level on us. So the statement “Money doesn’t buy happiness” is truly meaningless. It makes no sense. Financial security is part of our life. Just like being healthy or being emotionally in balance or surrounding ourselves with people with whom we feel good. At the end of the day – we need money. 

How we think about money – or abundance is totally up to us. Let me ask you something: do you love your family? I assume the answer is Yes. Do they always make you happy? I assume in a normal family they not Always make us happy, sometimes they may even cause trouble…. But we still love them no matter what, right?! So why we aren’t thinking the same about money? Start changing your attitude towards money – abundance. Let it flow, let it serve you, let it be simple. You deserve all the money in the world.   

Nowadays the opportunities are endless. I don’t say it’s easy! But I do say it’s simple. If you just take a look at home based businesses….. WOW…. they are booming…. they are working…. Working from home can be ideal to anyone who wants to be their own boss, wants to control their own schedule and wants fo have more freedom!

But first, you need to define what abundance means to you! You need to build your confidence that you ARE capable achieving anything you want! You need to believe that Abundance was created for you to grab it and have it!

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