Details from the book “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” and lectures by the candidate for the Nobel Prize, a medical doctor and veterinarian Dr. Joel D. Wallach:

minerals“I wrote 75 scientific articles, co-authored 8 textbooks together and a book independently bought for $ 140 by medical students. 1700 newspapers have published my articles, and I have appeared on many TV shows and other forums.

But to get to the point, I have performed 17,500 autopsies on more than 454 different species over the years, including participating in 3000 autopsies on people as well. The lesson for me was basically new and forward-looking. It was observed that all the animals and humans who died of natural causes, had the same phenomenon  – they suffered from a major nutrition shortage. This means that in all of the dissected bodies we detected the lethal absence of a nutrient! This statement, I would like to reiterate, as it is an extremely important finding: in each and every case, when animals and people died of natural causes – the cause of death was actually nutritional deficiency phenomenon!

The vital nutrients are called “vital” because if we don’tt have enough of them in our body, we will suffer nutritional deficiency and will eventually get sick!”

Vital nutrients – Minerals and Vitamins

When talking about nutrients and their effects, we should not forget the body cannot produce the vital nutrients by itself. We have to ingest them every day through food and supplements. Many terrible and life-threatening diseases  result when our body lacks these vital nutrients. Inclusion of minerals fills a key role as 2/3 of the vital nutrients are minerals.

However, we cannot get minerals through diet, since plants cannot produce minerals. Plants such as cereals, vegetables, fruits and oil seeds are capable of producing vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. However, not a single plant is capable of producing minerals. And even a varied diet does not provide all the nutrients and minerals which our body needs on a daily basis to function properly. Let me note here that our body needs exactly 60 different minerals. We need a total of 91 essential nutrients. 

Very effective

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