Just try this. Once you’ve started incorporating raw foods into your food plans, keep adding them in and reducing the number of cooked and processed foods from your diet. Especially things like fast food, chips, cookies and snacks. After you’ve done that for awhile, have a junk food day.

Junk foodIf you really miss your junk food, or think you do, then plan for it. Make it truly memorable and junk-worthy. If I was gambling types, I’d be willing to bet a LOT of money that mid-way through your junk food day, you’ll stop.

Once you’ve started incorporating raw foods into your diet, and getting most of your nutrition from them, and stayed with it for at least a week, junk food is just not going to have the same appeal to you. Because now you’re thinking about what you’re putting into your body. And if you really think about what junk food does to your body, all of a sudden it doesn’t look so good.

You know, it just happens naturally. I’ve started eating more and more raw foods in my home, and haven’t been able to touch things like chicken or a hamburger. First of all, I really feel pretty strongly about not eating animals. But have you ever read the warnings about handling chicken that you’ve bought in the grocery store? Or ground meat? It’s recommended that you wash your counters with BLEACH if you’ve prepared meat on them. Now, do you really want to put something in your body that requires BLEACH to clean the germs from it off of surfaces in your home? Nope, when I see chicken now, all I see is germs. And there’s no flavor to it anyway. So why bother?

And other junk food I used to love just doesn’t appeal to me any more. Nachos and cheese? Well, the cheese you use is so processed, it’s nothing but corn syrup and processed cheese and fats and chemicals. Just think about it, 50 years ago there were no such thing as “chemicals in cheese”. 

Believe me you CAN eat healthy and delicious meals at the same time.  

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Just try this…
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