Are we really lost?

We live in an era of progress, progress of high technology, medical inventions, artificial intelligence, chemical producstion, we are reaching different olanets, we are up-to-date about “everyone & everything” except our own self!

We don’t know who we are anymore! Our uniqueness… Our individuality… Why we are here? Where are we headede? And what is the point of our life? We follow other people and celebrities, we wanna dress like them, look like them, live like them, think like them. On the other hand, in the process of wishing to be like someone else, we are getting lost, we are forgetting who we really are, what we really want to look like, who we really want to  be. Massive amount of people are choosing specific kind of jobs, diets, clothes, lifestyle, habits and behavior just because the see it every day being so popular and trendy… “the new normal”.

Just imagine if you wouldn’t know anything about other people’s behavior and habits, what would you like to do? What would you like to wear? What would you like to have? Tricky… right?!

We forget to choose for ourselves! It seems like we are the one who are choosing, but in reality we’ve been provided by the “popular” choice.

We forget to think for ourselves because there is no need for that when we’ve been told all the so called “facts”.

We forget to choose what we really love, because there is a “standard” job, behavior, way of thinking, etc…

I believe the only way to avoid being like the mass, is start focusing only on yourself and not others. Focus on your deepest desires, on your intuitions (YES YOU HAVE AN INTUITION)!

Firstly what can YOU do to be better?
What can YOU do to be healthier?
What can YOU do to be happier?
And what can YOU change?
How can YOU change YOUR life?

Not what the doctors think, not what the politicians think, not what your Mom thinks, but what YOU think! Your mindset is the only thing YOU CAN control ( at least for now)… Start the conscious change within you! The way YOU think, the way YOU behave, the way YOU do things on a daily basis. That’s the only way to be YOUR true self!

Check Healthy Mindset

Are we really lost?
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